rose-of-pollux: Among the communities I belong to on LJ is one called “fandomaid”….


Okay, my followers, listen up–

Some of you know that I’m still active on LiveJournal.  Among the communities I belong to on LJ is one called “fandomaid,” which is a community that organizes fandom fundraisers to raise money for natural disasters.  And they’re doing one for the Nepal earthquake now.

How it works is like this–basically, it’s like commissions, but instead of paying the author/artist, you’re giving the money to whatever iteration of the Red Cross (or reputable charity that will give the money to the relief efforts) you can easily donate to.  After you make a pledge on the author/artist’s thread, you then make your donation and give proof of donation (with any personal info redacted, of course) to the community mod, who contacts the author/artist, who makes you the promised thing.

I’ve done this before, with great success, so I’m doing this now; my thread is here (if you scroll up, the rules, where to donate to, and where to send the proof of donation to are there):

As you can see, I’m offering up to 5 1-2k word ficlits in a handful of fandoms for $10 each on a first come, first serve basis, but I may open another thread depending on how well this one goes.

P.S. Please don’t contact me here to make a pledge; leave a comment on that LJ thread so that the mods can do their thing properly.  Also, do check out the other threads for something you may like.