eighteenbelow:Hello dear friends, I’m still alive.  But I’m sick with a nasty …




Hello dear friends, I’m still alive.  But I’m sick with a nasty virus (worst I’ve had in a few years, though I hope I’m over the worst of it now), courtesy of my nephew.  There go my birthday plans! 😛  Anyway, I have little energy and probably not as much patience as I ought to, so I’ll have to slowly start easing back into my regular routine.

Oh noooo! DDD: Ugh, what a time to get sick. *hug* I hope you feel better soon. Eat soup, take naps, and don’t worry about the online world–we’ll be here when you’ve got the energy for us.

Thank you 😀  Yeah, I’m still pretty grumpy about it, but I guess there’s only so annoyed one can be at a toddler (it just drove my germaphobia nuts that he coughed and refused to cover his mouth when asked…I’m not cut out to deal with small children :> )

And I’ll probably cut out early tonight, but I’ll be here a bit longer.  I’d actually love to lie down, but every time I do I start coughing and choking on phlegm.  So now I’m reluctant to lie down, even with my pillows propped up.  Fun fun!

Hope you and everyone else had a lovely holiday, and everyone has a relaxing new year’s eve 🙂

Sorry to hear that! Hope you feel better soon. I hear you on kids covering their cough. Even when you teach them over and over that they’re supposed to, they tend to forget, especially when they’re dealing with being sick.

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