Added: Twitter Archive & Google Buzz

I exported my entire Twitter archive, and imported the CSV here using WP All Import. Over 7000 posts going back to 2008. I pulled them in as drafts, rather than publishing them directly, to make sure that the import worked properly, which means I’m going to have to look through all 7000 (maybe not the best idea).

Retweets are a little weird, and sometimes cut off a bit. Timestamps are in UTC, but the oldest timestamps are only datestamps, which means there’s no order info within a day except for the post IDs.

I’m not sure what I want to do about “New blog post” or “Flashback of the day” plugs. The actual content is already on another site that I own, so an extra copy of the links doesn’t really make much difference unless there’s a comment thread.

While I was at it, I wondered whether I had an archive of Google Buzz. It turns out I do: Google automatically put it on my drive when they shut down the site. It’s in the form of a bunch of PDFs, but you can’t import them easily. Why? The text is scrambled, with a custom font that unscrambles it. So I had to retype entries instead of copying and pasting. Fortunately there were only a handful of native posts — the vast majority of the pages and pages and pages of posts were imported from Twitter, Flickr, or one of my blogs — but I had to search for “Dw¦¦” instead of “Buzz” to find them.