Added LinkedIn & A Little Google+

After the Twitter export, I decided to find out what various networks offer in their archives and see what else I could import. LinkedIn turned out to be surprisingly thorough, and since I only had about 80 shares (mostly linkblogging), I imported them all. I’ve merged some of them with Twitter posts if they linked to the same source on the same day (or near enough).

There doesn’t seem to be a good way to archive LinkedIn going forward, though, since there’s no RSS support anymore and IFTTT only has actions, no triggers for it. But then I made my first post in three years last week, so it’s not exactly something I use frequently.

I did an initial import of my Google+ posts, but it didn’t complete, and the formatting ended up being waaay too messy to clean up manually on any sort of scale. My plan is to write a script to convert entries to WordPress’ XML format, which will not only give me more flexibility in which pieces to include & how (such as using the same blockquote format for link excerpts that I’m using elsewhere), it will let me import the comments as comments instead of including them inline in the post.

While looking for overlaps with the LinkedIn posts, I found a few Google+ entries in the incomplete import, and I figured I might as well merge them now. So I’ve got 8 out of about 800.

The Twitter backlog continues, slowly. I’m wondering if merging threads isn’t such a good idea after all. I definitely should’ve done some pre-processing on the CSV to at least unwrap shortened URLs and make a copy of the text with no URLs for the titles. I should still be able to automate it inside WP, I just need to brush up on PHP & WordPress programming again.

I haven’t even tried to import my Facebook archive yet. Too much pre-processing to do.