Update on archives

Currently in place:

  • Primary Twitter, Instagram, Mastodon.Social, Photog.Social, Google Buzz (past only), LinkedIn (past only). Facebook (forward only, moderated)
  • ReadingLesMis Twitter, Tumblr (past only).
  • SpeedForce Instagram.

I’ve been slowly going through & merging the Twitter/Instagram posts, because I feel like there’s no point in keeping a link to the image/description separate from the actual image/description. This messes up the times a little – I’m going to have to fix the Twitter timestamps to adjust them to the right zone at some point.

I’ve manually copied in a few Google Plus posts based on topic. I keep telling myself I need to stop that and actually write the G+-archive-to WordPress XML converter I’ve been meaning to do, since that’ll take care of all the rest at once, including comments.

I can probably pull in the AltBrowser Twitter archive at any time. Fix the timezone in the spreadsheet, then import it using the processing filters I’ve set up.

Still undecided on LOL Spam (Twitter & Tumblr). Thinking I might import it to a dedicated site & make a bot to auto-post old stuff & add new stuff as I see it.

Personal Tumblr…honestly I’m not sure how much original stuff is on there. Most of it is blog autoposting, with the occasional reblog of something I wanted to boost, and the very occasional reply. I suppose I could import it & find out. It’s a heck of a lot easier to search my own stuff on WordPress than Tumblr (which is half of why I’m doing this).