Some of the comics I’ve read on that list…

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Some of the #comics I’ve read on that list:

Daytripper is amazing.

I quite liked the original Elfquest.

Fun Home is really good.

Planetary is a fascinating exploration of superhero/scifi tropes, but works best if you know the references.

Transmetropolitan is really good, but not everyone’s cup of tea.

Sandman is epic, but start w/the 2nd collection & go back for part 1 if you like it.

Astro City is a great reimagining of superheroes, hopeful & standing on its own.

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@lapis @zephasaurus_hex To clarify with Sandman: It took 8 issues for the series to find its voice. So while the first collection establishes the setting and characters, it’s a very different tone from the rest of the series.

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@lapis @zephasaurus_hex Oh, and Hark! A Vagrant! is a lot of fun also, especially if you like literary and historical humor. It’s a collection of unrelated comic strips rather than an ongoing story.

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