Archive Updates: PixelFed, Automation, GooglePlus, AltBrowser

I’ve automated a few more things: Splitting retweets/boosts/etc to a separate “repost” author, for instance, adding tags, and setting formats where there’s enough information.

PixelFed.Social is being archived now, though it’s got the same problem as Mastodon where the media link doesn’t appear in the section IFTTT knows about, so I still have to manually add the image later on.

The Instagram/Twitter merge is done.

I keep changing my mind about how I want to handle cases where I posted the same photo to several sites, but cropped or filtered it differently. For now I’m grouping by version, so if I post a square crop to Instagram (which goes to Facebook and Twitter) and a rectangular crop to PixelFed and Photog.Social, I’m merging the Instagram/Facebook/Twitter posts into one and the PixelFed/Photog.Social posts into another.

I pulled in the AltBrowser Twitter archive, fixing truncated items and timezone in the spreadsheet before importing it.

I still haven’t gotten around to writing that Google Plus Archive to WordPress XML converter, but I’ve started going through and manually importing just the original posts at Google Plus. Not the auto-links to my blogs, except in a few cases where there’s a comment thread I want to be able to find again. I’ve found a few photos that I haven’t posted anywhere else, and at least one post that I later cross-posted to K2R.

Lately I’ve been phasing out Facebook and Twitter, and moved my primary Mastodon presence from Mastodon.Social to Wandering.Shop. The last few months, most of my Facebook posts have been cross-posts from other services, and now that they’ve shut down all of those (except Instagram, of course, since they own it), I basically haven’t been there at all.