Adding Tumblr to the Archive

Tumblr’s jettisoning a major part of their user base, which doesn’t give me much confidence in its future. So I’m importing everything up to now, even though very little of my Tumblr activity is unique to Tumblr. Just about all of it is cross-posted or notified from my blog, or Flickr, or somewhere else, or is a reblog of someone else’s Tumblr where I didn’t add anything except maybe new tags.

I guess cleaning up the duplicates will give me another ongoing project for when I’m bored.

Which reminds me, I should decide what I’m going to do with the rest of the Google Plus archive. I’d been manually importing the original stuff, and then ran into a wall when it came to deciding how to handle posts with interesting comments: Do I import the post without comments? Do I copy the comments into the post body? Do I finally take the time to write that import/converter script I thought about doing a year ago?