Archive your fandom stuff





As we sit on the cusp of changes to the Internet, after your other activities to support Internet freedom, archive your
fandom stuff.

Save the electronic files of your favorite online fandom works. Consider print-outs of your favorite online
material. And save paper
ephemera from fandom events.

Why save? Because you put the effort into a fanwork. Because you may be surprised when a fandom stays alive for years, or gets revived, or when an academic asks to cite your work. Because it’s stupidly hard to find items on Tumblr. Because, lo, in ages past, many fandom archives have risen and fallen, taking favorite fics off the ‘Net. Because it made you happy, makes you remember. Because you never know.

What can
you save?

  • Fanart
  • Stories you wrote
  • Epic comments on stories you wrote
  • Stories you love that other people wrote
  • Meta and meta-related discussions
  • Translations others did of your works

  • Physical items: paper ephemera, clothing, accessories, art prints and drawings.

Behind the cut…saving from Tumblr and AO3, delving into lost web sites, how to save computer files for the long term, and why I’m glad I saved physical fandom items from 10+ years ago.

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I made this post a year and a half ago. Please read the many comments in the reblogs from archivists and long-term fans!

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