Updates: Google+, Tumblr, Quora & Yelp

With an official target date for the Google+ shutdown, I’m going through the site looking for unique posts and expanded posts (ex: places where I wrote a full paragraph on Google+ and then trimmed it down for Twitter) and either importing or combining them here. I figure if I’m going to manually review everything anyway, I may as well do it as one pass. (Update: Finished Feb. 10)

I’ve merged most of the duplicates from Tumblr, though there’s still some that need cleaning up. I have been posting the occasional new item or reblog on the site since the import, and I’m thinking I may pull in those new posts at some point.

I’ve found links to Yelp reviews and Quora answers, and decided to add an Other category. I’m not archiving everything, though, just the better ones. I’ve only posted a handful of items on each site anyway.