Recent Updates: Prismo, Facebook, Reddit, Forums

Prismo (a federated link sharing site like Reddit) development is stalled, and the flagship instance is offline. I never did get around to setting up an auto-archive, partly because it doesn’t expose an RSS feed. One of these days I’ll write an ActivityPub subscriber that can just follow a channel and generate posts from it. Anyway, I copy-and-pasted the profile as seen in Mastodon & manually looked for the original URLs. Not sure why I bothered, but it felt like something was missing here.

I finally got back to my Facebook archive converter script that produces a WordPress XML file. I’ve been testing it on batches of simple posts, refining it as I find problems or more complex examples. I still need to decide what to do about comments, for instance, and figure out the best way to import photos automatically. I’m also skipping some of the duplicates (I cross-posted from Twitter for a while back in the day, and Instagram later on) and items that either didn’t export well (most sharing-someone-else’s-post only comes through with whatever commentary I added – if any) or aren’t useful (auto-generated notes from Pinterest, etc.)

A couple of months ago I took a look through my Reddit comments and copied a few dozen comments I thought were worth hanging onto, mostly comics-related. Same with the ComicBloc forums, though I only grabbed a few comments from the last year I was active on the site (2011). I’d like to go back further, but it’s not a huge priority right now.