Did a mid-day trip to the grocery store. Managed to find almost everything I needed, or a reasonable substitute. Most food (except flour) seems to be either back in stock at a normal level or at the point where stock is low, rather than completely out.

The things I couldn’t find at all, or could only find a handful of one brand/variety, were mainly cleaning supplies — and flour, despite the bread aisle being full again.


This is sorta near Los Angeles. No idea what grocery stock is anywhere else. Or even in different parts of town.

I was really expecting it to be worse based on my last two grocery runs (2 weeks ago and 4 weeks ago) and the inventory I’ve found online.

They even had toilet paper. Yeah, it was only 2 sizes taking up about 1/4 of the usual shelf space and a limit of 1 per customer, but it didn’t look like they were going to run out by the time I got to checkout.

A month ago the same store offered, I kid you not, 1 roll per customer for 99 cents while supplies lasted.