Scientists with allergies

Interesting story about scientists who develop allergies to their subject of research through repeated exposure. Studying ragweed pollen and developing hay fever is one thing. Developing anaphylaxis to snake venom – even venom that’s normally harmless to humans – is another.

I think my favorite was the butterfly researcher who developed severe asthma when exposed to sulphur butterflies, so he switched to killer bees.


Food, covid-adjacent

Grabbed a coffee and muffin while out walking, and found an out of the way outdoor place where I could unmask and eat without being near anyone else.

It was WEIRD.

It felt like I was getting away with something.


I mean, I haven’t eaten at a restaurant in nearly a year. Not even outside on a patio. This is the second time since last March that I’ve eaten anything away from home except the occasional travel mug of coffee in the car, when I’m actually going somewhere farther than the grocery store.

I’m not used to it anymore!

…this used to be normal, and now it’s not, and the fact that it’s not normal is weird too.

I think the last time I ate at a restaurant was when I went out to lunch with some co workers the first week of March, and we were talking about whether we wanted to switch to working remotely early, before the order came down. Cause we all knew it was coming sooner or later.

And as it turned out, all of us who were there ended up doing just one more day onsite. Two of us switched early voluntarily, and I got the flu & didn’t recover until the office closed.

At least, I thought it was the flu. The symptoms I used to determine it wasn’t Covid have since been found to be associated with Covid too, and I had a long, lingering cough after I’d otherwise recovered. And while my wife didn’t get the full on flu symptoms, she got the lingering cough too.

Whatever it was, I isolated right away and we didn’t give it to anyone else.

I guess at this point there isn’t any good way to tell. And it probably doesn’t matter anymore either.

Anyway, it’s weird to think that even though I still have the same job, I’ll never go back to that office again. The lease expired last month and they decided to move to a new location once onsite office work is actually a thing again, and the new building isn’t ready yet, so they packed everything into storage.

I guess it would be different if I’d had a chance to grab some key items and/or clear out the clutter on my desk (at least now I know I don’t need those hand written notes after all), which I would have done if I hadn’t been sick when the work-from-home order came down. But as it was, I just had my work laptop at home and that was it.

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fan conventions, covid-adjacent

And there’s the official WonderCon@Home announcement

Sounds like they’re still hoping to do San Diego in-person. We’ll see. Well, other people will. I’ve already read the Last Stand of the California Browncoats.

And Long Beach Comic Con’s website’s back online, which is a good sign. I guess it was just bad timing as far as when I happened to look.

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Found the ancient G2 (HTC Desire) phone (back when there were Android phones with actual …

Found the ancient G2 (HTC Desire) phone (back when there were Android phones with actual KEYBOARDS!). It still runs. Wondering if there’s something I can put on there that’s newer than the ancient version of Android it has, but it’s too old for LineageOS.

Anyone know what might run on it?