It’s almost as though cruelty and neglect can affect people’s mental health….




It’s almost as though cruelty and neglect can affect people’s mental health.  

Everyone gives Batman shit over the state of Arkham but no one ever talks about Iron Heights.

There was a bit of criticism for Iron Heights within the Flash book, such as when Ashley Zolomon called the prison “the Rogue Factory” (which she said was a widespread nickname) and accused Wolfe of having no compassion for its prisoners.  It seems quite likely that the mistreatment there has made some of the prisoners worse, with I think Roscoe as one of the prime examples.  And as awful as Arkham is, at least they make some attempt to treat their inmates; we’ve seen that Iron Heights leaves theirs barefoot in straitjackets and isolated in filthy cells.  So it’s no surprise that they end up even more mentally ill and anti-social, which is almost certainly what Ashley was alluding to.

Wally and Wolfe clashed on a number of occasions over the treatment of prisoners there, once Wally found out about it. But Wally had no authority there, he was just a vigilante super-hero, and Wolfe kept running things the way he wanted to. The one win I remember was that Wally was able to get Fallout an actual, comfortable room that absorbed his radiation instead of leaving him hooked up to tubes like he was before.

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