Subdomains vs Subdirectories & Indieweb Split

In response to girrodocus’s question: #PersonalWebsite creators… what’s your rationale for deciding when to use a subdomain or a subdirectory?

I usually prefer to put sections in subdirectories. That makes it possible to make the entire site portable (depending on authoring tools, anyway). Ideally, I want something that could be zipped up and moved. Or sent to Archive Team. (One of the downsides of dynamic site generators.)

When I use subdomains, it’s typically because I want some sort of isolation between the content, or the server apps, etc. But in those cases I’m as likely to use another domain entirely.

I put my main blog in a subdomain, but if I set up my own git repository or something like that, I’d probably put it in a subdomain.

That said, I’m currently trying to sort out what I want to keep at the domain I’ve had for the last 20 years and what to move to my Indieweb identity site. But that’s a whole different conversation.


Replying to their interest in how I’m sorting:

It took 4 or 5 years from me discovering #IndieWeb to actually building support into my website(s), because, named after a fictional place, felt like a digital *home*, but not an *identity*. So I set up as my digital identity instead.

I’ve been considering several approaches:
* New stuff on kvibber, leave old stuff where it is
* Professional stuff on kvibber, fun stuff on hyperborea
* Original work on kvibber, fandom stuff on hyperborea

I might move my scenic & nature photos over to but leave the funny & comic-con photos on, or move my tech articles over but leave the personal posts.

I’m also planning to put together a light microblog, probably on kvibber, to be the canonical location for short posts on Mastodon/Twitter/etc that I want to keep, but don’t feel big enough for a full blog entry. That’ll probably go on kvibber, even though it’ll blur the pro/fun & original/fan distinctions.

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