Some wildlife I spotted on a hike today.

Some wildlife I spotted on a hike today. It was really nice in the shade, but it was also very hilly, and uncomfortably warm in the sun. I ended up staggering back to the car at the end.

The yellow and black bird is some sort of oriole. The black and white one is a black phoebe. I think the rabbit is a desert cottontail.

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Spot the squirrels!

Two squirrels blending into a palm tree trunk.

Spot the squirrels!

I heard noises from this palm tree and went to look. I couldn't quite catch *what* was moving up there at first, so I just pointed the camera up to where I saw movement and took a few shots. Turned out to be these two squirrels, who then chased each other around the trunk, chittering and knocking debris down.


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