Review: Doma Kitchen

Finally got a chance to visit the new location, and it was great. The lamb stroganoff and kasha with bratwurst were both different takes from what you usually find and very good. There’s a good variety on the kids’ menu too.

The look of the place is a lot different from the old Redondo Beach location. It’s more trendy than homey, but that goes along with the bigger kitchen and menu, so it’s hard to complain. (It’s also a lot quieter when dining outside than it was when they were right next to a major street.)

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Review: Mysterious Galaxy

I love this place. They have a great selection of science fiction/fantasy books (I assume the mystery selection is good as well, but since I don’t read mysteries I can’t really judge it), knowledgeable staff that can find or recommend things for you, plus author readings, movie nights, and other events. They get involved with offsite events like book festivals and science fiction/comic conventions as well. They usually get authors to sign a few extra books to sell later. I’ve bought several signed first editions here.

Mysterious Galaxy has become my first stop for books in the genres they carry, and a must-visit stop when gift shopping for readers.

Until recently they shared their building with a cafe, but the cafe closed up shop last week. The tables are still there, and they’ve kept the wi-fi on.

Yelp Review: The Comic Bug

Open and inviting, with friendly staff and a wide, well-organized selection. New and recent releases take up an entire wall, broken down into kid’s books, media adaptations (find your Dr. Who and Star Trek comics easily, no matter who’s publishing them this year), DC, Marvel, Vertigo/Max, and indies.

They also have a large selection of paperbacks and hardcovers, though that’s a little harder to look through since some are filed by author, some by character, some by title, some by publisher and some by topic. If you can’t find something, just ask. And if they don’t have it, they’re happy to special-order it for you.

They don’t have much in the way of manga that I’ve noticed.

It’s also kid-friendly: if you have a child who’s too young to read the kids’ books without destroying them, there’s a toddler-sized table with one of those bead-track toys, and the back area where they do signings and games has a TV where they often show superhero cartoons or movies.

Did I mention signings? They frequently get artists and writers from the LA area to do signings, and I mean big names. Mark Waid was in a few weeks ago, and the first time I walked in the store there was a flyer for a Mike Mignola appearance.

I’ve been going to this store weekly for about a year and a half. I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to review it.

Neighborhood Grinds on Yelp: Great local coffee shop

Great local coffee shop. Good coffee, friendly staff, nice, relaxed atmosphere. Plus they make a mean panini for lunch.

And if you find yourself in the mood for an ice blended drink and get the Triple Chocolate Delight, be sure to get it with whipped cream. Normally I don’t like whipped cream on my drinks, but with this one, it’s chocolate whipped cream, and it makes a huge difference. Without it, it’s technically a double chocolate delight.

Review: Comics Toons N’ Toys

The best comic store I’ve been to in Orange County. The staff is friendly and helpful, and the selection is incredible. Some stores focus on Marvel and DC and just a smattering of other material. These guys carry everything down to the obscure indie books that you’ve never heard of. I can think of several occasions on which I found out about some obscure book from a publisher I didn’t even recognize, figured I’d have to hunt around for it, then came here first…and found it immediately.

They have a wide selection of graphic novels, manga, T-shirts, trading cards, and as the name suggests, collectible toys (mainly action figures relating to comic books, anime, and sci-fi TV and movies).

They also have the biggest collection of back issues I’ve seen outside a convention in the last decade or so, mostly from the mid-1980s onward.

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