Plumbing snafu (followup)

So, this is the dining room right now.

The best part?

There are no pipes under that part of the slab.

It turns out the leak was in the next unit over, but didn’t show up there. (Yes, the plumbers checked there before arranging with the owner to start digging.) It ran under the wall and cabinets until it seeped up into our floor.

Now we get to have a big hole in our floor until it all dries out and they can patch it.

An empty room with the carpet peeled up revealing a concrete floor with a 1.5x1.5 foot hole in the corner and a pile of dirt next to it.


So far it’s not as bad as the mold infestation in the kitchen a few years back where they had to rip out half the walls and we had a plastic sheet across the kitchen door that we walked through to get at the refrigerator. We did a lot of cooking in the microwave and an electric skillet.

Though I guess it’s going to depend on (a) how long the room stays like this and (b) whether they need to rip out the cabinets too.