Postmarks vs Share Openly

Apparently something about Postmarks makes Share Openly think it’s a Mastodon instance, (to be fair, it is an ActivityPub server), so SO is trying to post to /share with a single text entry instead of /bookmarks/new with the url as defined in the link element.

Wondering if it’s better to (a) write an Nginx redirect, (b) write a redirec in Postmarks and submit a patch for it, or (c), report the issue to ShareOpenly.

Whatever I end up doing, it’ll have to be later.

On GoToSocial

Admin is a lot simpler with GTS than the last time I tried Mastodon. It can be a single binary or a single container, and just uses SQLite instead of running a full DB in a separate container. I’m running it on a 1GB Linode and haven’t had to add storage or RAM.

Basically the only sysadmin stuff I’ve done aside from setup and this fix since I set up the test instance a year and a half(?) ago has been installing updates, which has just been incrementing the version number in docker-compose.

Interoperability is a lot better now, and it seems to interact fine with varieties of Mastodon, Pleroma, Misskey, Bookwyrm, Pixelfed, Snac, WordPress, etc. Varying degrees of trouble with Postmarks, Bridgy Fed and Lemmy.

Some of the more noticeable features that haven’t been built yet:

  • auto-delete
  • post editing (though it does pick up incoming edits)
  • filter support isn’t finished, and only works in hide-it-completely mode.
  • hide boosts (or maybe it was added in the latest release, I’ll have to check)
  • link previews
  • search posts (except your own)

I’ve also had intermittent issues with attachments not making it across despite being within the size limit, but only on this server, not on the test one. I suspect it’s related to the proxy settings I just fixed!


TODO: Update the existing GTS review

Finally updated my handle to use my main domain name.I figured it would be …

Finally updated my handle to use my main domain name.

I figured it would be more complicated, but it’s literally just 2 steps:
1. Add a DNS record with the value Bluesky gives you.
2. Confirm it in Bluesky.

The hard part is #1, if you’re not already familiar with your web/domain host’s custom DNS. #

That’s probably a major sticking point for most people: Even the ones who *have* a domain name, a lot of them aren’t familiar enough with DNS to (a) know where to look and (b) feel comfortable modifying it.

I assume part of Bluesky’s own DNS registration is that they’ll handle the settings for you.

On one hand, I like the idea of keeping all the private health data on the device…

On one hand, I like the idea of keeping all the private health data on the device instead of in the cloud. On the other hand, there should always be a way to sync/export it, and there so rarely is.

But after getting burned by the Pebble sale to FitBit, and then by the FitBit sale to Google…hell with it, I don’t really need a smartwatch.

“Sway” too long

Spent way too long last night trying to get #Sway set up on my #PineTab2 because:

1. The Arch dependencies for some of the optional components were broken (wmenu requires dmenu, but the package didn’t say so).
2. The Arch documentation for Sway is out of date and sends you to AUR for just about everything.
3. The documents I found didn’t make it clear that key bindings are the only way to launch things unless you explicitly add some other kind of launcher that’s not in the sample config. Or what to expect when changing the menu config. Or what the menus are supposed to look like.
4. Because of the broken dependencies, even when I tried to use the keybinds, they failed silently. For a while I wasn’t even sure it was reading my config file.

And now I’m like…why did I go to all that trouble? All I wanted was to make sure I had all the prerequisites to run a basic Wayland session on something lighter than Plasma. I’m just going to switch back to LXQt.

I miss the days when #Linux seemed to actually run deterministically. When I could see what was breaking easily and fix it easily.

I don’t miss all the extra fiddling and trial and error just to get something functional.

Sure, I like tinkering. When I want to. I don’t like to have to.

Helix Comics

comment left at Comics Worth Reading’s post, The Helix Titles That Live On; Time Breakers Crowdfunding

Interesting: I think Sheva’s War and The Dome: Ground Zero were the only ones I picked up at the time. I might even still have Sheva’s War in a box somewhere, though I don’t remember anything at all about The Dome.

I read Michael Moorcock’s Multiverse as a TPB, but I’m not sure what imprint it was by that time. Transmet, of course, I discovered after it moved to Vertigo.

Of the rest, only Cyberella rings a bell, but when I read about the Time Breakers collection, I immediately thought 2 things: “Why didn’t I notice this when it was new?” And “I have to buy it now!”

In retrospect, it’s weird to me that I skipped most of the Helix line. But I think I was still mostly reading superhero comics at the time.

I’m experimenting on my tech tips articles with

I’m experimenting on my tech tips articles with #ShareOpenly, a web app that acts as an intermediate layer between sites that want a share button and newer social media sites like #Mastodon instances.

The author describes it here:

1. The publisher links to Share Openly with the URL and title or description of the page to share.
2. The reader clicks on it and tells SO what site they want to share on (pre-filled or type in a hostname, with the manually added ones remembered).
3. SO opens that site’s post form with the text pre-filled and ready to go.

It knows where to find the posting forms for several kinds of server software, and you can add a <link rel="share_url".../> template to your site to tell it where to look. I may do this for my Postmarks site.

But not everything has a post form that can be pre-filled. Heck, not everything has a front-end to begin with. So I can’t just put that link tag on my #GoToSocial instance and point to the post form, because there isn’t one. And it doesn’t look like Elk or Semaphore have a way to pre-fill a post either.

sigh Sometimes I really wish #WebIntents had taken off.

Anyway, here’s an article on my site with “Share This Page” linking to the webapp

I think we might have had an Itanium box at Unitech

I think we might have had an Itanium box at Unitech, but then we had something like 15-20 various HP, Sun and other commercial Unix systems running different OS versions for building and QA. Though the IBM PowerPC was the last major box we added. Generally we all developed on Windows and would telnet into whatever arch/OS combo we needed. I do remember we had “the Vista box” and a couple other Windows workstations that were shared on an as-needed basis, and if we did have an Itanium, it would have been one of those.

Virtualization makes things so much easier!

Car shop found more extensive damage when they dismantled the front bumper assembly. Need to wait for parts. Insurance alre…

Car shop found more extensive damage when they dismantled the front bumper assembly. Need to wait for parts.

Insurance already approved the original estimate. Here’s hoping they approve the update, because it’s a lot more.

I already returned the SUV we rented to haul stuff over the weekend. Sticking to walking and biking distance, and I can rent something smaller (maybe even electric?) for just the days someone needs to go farther.

I wonder if short term car rentals like Zip are still a thing….

5D Chess

Kid found a “5D Chess” game where you can move pieces backward through time and branch off new timelines, and also move them across timelines. But still following their usual rules for moves (ex. Move the knight forward 2 and over 1 timeline)