Who knew a hawk could be a birb?

Who knew a hawk could be a #birb?

Spotted in a park. Probably a Cooper’s Hawk.

I heard a lot of chirping from this tree, and saw a cluster that looks like it could be a nest near where this hawk was standing guard. It just kind of looked around the whole time even as I walked past the tree. If it was standing guard, it must have been able to tell I wasn’t a threat.

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Who knew a hawk could be a birb?

Who knew a hawk could be a birb?

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dentist, covid stats

I’m normally not nervous about going to the dentist, but I’ve got my second pandemic-era visit coming up today. You can’t wear a mask while someone’s working on your teeth.

On the plus side, looking at the covid case rates over time makes me feel better, as LA county is back down to roughly the same rate it was at during my last visit in September (itself postponed from July, which was clearly a good decision).

STAT Covid-19 Tracker

Graph of 2-week trends of new cases/ per 100K people over time, showing a slow climb to a low peak last July, a slow drop down to a valley in September-October, then a huge giant steep spike for December and January, with a similar steep drop which has reached the same level as the valley here in March.

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Cherry blossoms are coming in at the local botanic gardens

Cherry blossoms are coming in at the local botanic gardens. They have a grove with multiple different cherry trees in various stages of waking up for spring (some with a few flowers, some with more flowers and leaves, some still bare), and a few scattered trees elsewhere in the garden – some of which are already covered. But the tree in the fourth shot isn’t even in full bloom yet!

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Sunset over the ocean.

Sunset over the ocean. In the zoomed shot, just moments after sunset, you can see the silhouette of Santa Barbara Island. There’s a park up in the hills that also has a clear view of the ocean, where you can see the more distant San Nicolas Island next to it. But down here near sea level, it’s below the horizon.

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Picked out the best shots of the Point Vicente bluffs.

Picked out the best shots of the #PointVicente bluffs. I got there mid-afternoon & took some photos of the #cove with the historic #lighthouse (and could actually see Catalina Island in the distance!)

Then I walked along the blufftop path along the nature reserve for a while, before turning back to reach the lighthouse area by sunset.

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