Agency: Cosette vs. Éponine vs. Florence

I recently dug out my recordings of Chess and listened to them extensively. With Judy Kuhn playing Florence on the Broadway version, I found myself comparing the roles of Florence and Cosette. Florence in Chess is a much more complex character than the Cosette we see in the musical of Les Misérables. While it’s true that Florence is defined mainly through her relationships with men — her missing…

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Babylon 5 vid to Nobody’s Side from Chess.

Babylon 5 vid to Nobody’s Side from Chess.Reminded of it by the new LesMis song that sounds like Someone Else’s Story

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After realizing that “Suddenly,” the new song in the Les Miserables movie, reminded me of “Someone Else’s Story” from Chess, I decided to dig out that soundtrack. And that reminded me of this official Babylon 5 music video set to “Nobody’s Side.”

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