I installed Instagram on a Chromebook to see if I could.

I can.

Um, now what?

When I first used Instagram, I really wanted to be able to upload photos from my camera & type captions with a real keyboard. But it’s been built around uploading from phones since the beginning, and it just doesn’t lend itself to any other use case, even when you can get it to run on another form factor.

Plus phone photos are a lot better now, & it’s just as easy to transfer pics from the camera to the phone.

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@brion In the specific case of Instagram, the website doesn’t offer full functionality: you can browse & update your bio, but you can’t add new photos.

I haven’t tried any game apps yet, partly because I just got an underpowered one to use as a second laptop. (I figure if I get nice hardware, I want a real OS.) It’ll be interesting to use touch apps w/a trackpad…

But I’ve had success with utility apps for Dropbox, KeePass & a VPN.

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@brion I was surprised that the Android layer was thorough enough for a VPN app to work, but after looking around the Chrome app store a bit, I think Google decided it was better to leverage the more mature ecosystem than try to push something that never really took off.

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While established desktop UIs are falling over themselves trying to minimize windowing…

I love it. While established desktop UIs are falling over themselves trying to minimize windowing in favor of more tablet-appropriate interfaces (Windows Metro, Gnome 3, etc.), the OS designed specifically for thin clients is picking up more classic desktop elements. (via +Pingdom )

ChromeOS gets a desktop revamp – The H – Open Source: News and Features

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