Cleaning up

So, with Facebook continuing to be a pain, Google+ shutting down, Twitter continuing to be a dumpster fire, and Tumblr clumsily kicking off a huge section of their userbase so that Verizon can better monetize them (making me wonder how long they’ll try before they decide it’s not worth it), I figured it was time to reconsider my social network presence.

Mainly I’m on my main blog at K-Squared Ramblings and on Mastodon at these days (Plus Flickr and Instagram.)

As far as Tumblr goes, I’m in wait-and-see mode. I’ve never been super-active here, and I’ll often go a few weeks without reading or posting, but I also have automatic cross-posting set up with Flickr, Instagram, and my blog. A lot of my posts here are duplicates.

I’ve saved a full archive of my Tumblrs, and I’m going to be going through over the next week or few cleaning out the duplicates, except for posts that got traction over here (like M’Hael’s, for instance). Hopefully it’ll result in a more focused blog going forward, with mostly Tumblr-original material (both my own stuff and reblogs), and it’ll be easier to pick out what needs to be saved in the event that Tumblr does go the way of GeoCities and Google+ (or even just the way of LiveJournal, which it’s halfway to already).

On Tumblr