These crows were making a huge racket

As soon as I stepped out the door for a walk this morning, I heard a lot of crows making a lot of noise down the street. They were perched on a telephone pole, flying up and swooping around like they were trying to scare off a hawk.

Of course I walked toward them to see what was going on.

By the time I reached the end of the block, the crows had given up and flown off. But I noticed people were out in their front yards looking up at a tree…

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A telephone pole with at least 15 crows perched on the cross piece and wires, seen from below with the wires and crosspiece forming diagonals.

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These crows were making a huge racket, some of them taking off, swooping and perching again, trying to scare off a hawk that had caught a pigeon and was eating it in a nearby tree. The hawk didn’t leave. The crows did.

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Two crows chased a squirrel across the lawn at a park…

Two crows chased a squirrel across the lawn at a park, one of them swooping down and possibly making contact with its claws (I couldn't quite tell) until it ran up this tree.Then they perched on a nearby fence and waited. When it tried to run down the trunk, they flew at it again and it went back up. One crow perched on another branch of the tree and waited, while the other flew off.

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American Crow

Crows and Ravens

I’ve mostly stopped taking pictures of crows to submit here, because they’re so common. But this one was just standing on top of a hedge as I walked quickly along the sidewalk. It didn’t budge. So I stopped, grabbed my phone, and took a bunch of pictures from maybe 6 feet away. I even moved to get a better angle and it didn’t fly off, just kept looking around while staying put.

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