Waves breaking over the end of a jetty

Waves breaking over the end of a jetty across the way.

Fun fact: I discovered that if the wind is strong enough, it can blow a camera neck strap up and completely off of your head.

Not so fun fact: It was also blowing the tethered lens cap on directly into my face.

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Pelican above the bluffs

Walked down to the pier on a gloomy day while my car was in the shop. People were pretty good at spreading out and wearing masks (prob. because the city started fining people back in summer).

Among other shorebirds, I saw a group of a half dozen pelicans whirling around and diving for fish.

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Let the biker beware.

Let the biker beware.

It may look innocuous now, but when it produces zillions of seed pods with sharp spikes on them, it’ll *earn* the name puncture vine.

I *hate* these things, and they grow all along the nearest bike path. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve patched bicycle tires because of them.

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kelsonv: “Let the biker beware.…”

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Smoky sun, late afternoon.…

Smoky sun, late afternoon.

We’ve had some ashfall over the past week, but for the most part, the air quality at ground level has only been awful, not unbearable. Especially since the heat wave subsided.

But the light has just been *wrong*. Normal clouds in the morning breaking up to reveal a layer of smoke behind them, letting through yellow-orange, almost but not quite late afternoon light at midday. I went out for a walk after work, once it had cooled down and saw this.

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kelsonv: “Smoky sun, late afternoon.…”

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Summer Succulents

The city has been working on improving the sections of a bike path closest to a major street. The rest of it is just a concrete path in the middle of an unmaintained greenbelt under power transmission wires.

They’ve put in drought-tolerant landscaping, some dirt/clay paths, bike racks, benches, and a small public parking lot over the past year or so. I’m not sure how much they slowed down during the shutdowns earlier this year, but it’s finally open.

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