Some butterflies spotted over the last few days

Some #butterflies spotted over the last few days:

A monarch that nicely paused on the grass with its wings open, long enough to catch a clear photo.

A swallowtail that I sort of caught in flight, at a distance. It’s very low-resolution, but it’s also clearly identifiable!

A cabbage white that I was able to catch with a zoom lens.

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Wild and Domestic Mallards

Mallards, Pintails, and Allies

While some cities have only closed playgrounds and sports facilities at their parks, Manhattan Beach has closed them all outright. Polliwog Park has a large pond year-round that attracts ducks, geese and coots, plus gulls and pigeons stopping in. The park has been literally wrapped in caution tape for a month, and the ducks that normally stay in and around the pond have come out to the edges by the sidewalks where people can still walk by and feed them.

Domestic mallard on iNaturalist
Domestic mallard On iNaturalist
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