Offer of random Star Trek books

Anyone interested in some #StarTrek hardcovers? Figured I’d offer ’em to the Fediverse before checking the local used bookstores’ covid policies. Happy to give them away for the cost of shipping.

Spock’s World, Diane Duane
All Good Things…, Michael Jan Friedman.
Generations, J.M. Dillard
First Contact, ”
Federation, Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens
The Return, William Shatner
The Ashes of Eden, ”
Q-Squared, Peter David
New Frontier, ”


Also the Star Trek Chronology (through First Contact) by Michael Okuda & Denise Okuda.

If you’re interested in any of these, message me and let me know.


Offer of random Star Trek books

Star Trek IV, imagining the whales’ reaction at the end

Wow! We’re in the open sea! And we talked to aliens! And the humans have stopped hunting us! And they’ve stopped polluting the oceans! This is AWESOME!

Well, except for the whole thing with us being the only humpback whales on the planet. But it’s not like we were really able to talk to much of anyone from the aquarium to begin with.


Star Trek IV, imagining the whales’ conversation with the probe

— Hey! We’re still here! Or, we’re back, anyway!
— Oh, good! What happened to you? We’ve been trying to reach you for ages.
— Apparently the humans killed us all.
— Wait, they did WHAT?
— Well, some of them did. But some of them brought us through time to make up for it. They won’t kill us now.
— They’d BETTER NOT!
— I think we’re OK now.
— *sigh* OK, good to know. We’ll go report back. Keep in touch.
— Thanks!


Yep. Whenever someone complains about newer #StarTrek being “ruined” by social justice or progressive issues, …

Yep. Whenever someone complains about newer #StarTrek being “ruined” by social justice or progressive issues, unlike the older series…I have to wonder whether they ever actually *watched* the show they claim to remember so fondly.


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vintagegeekculture: I have a hard time imagining a scenario that Babylon 5 fandom will be alive in 5-10 years


Thank you for reading. As for what fandoms will be around in the future, I hate to say this because I love the show and I think it’s very high quality, but based on what I know about how fandoms rise and fall, I have a hard time imagining a scenario that Babylon 5 fandom will be alive in 5-10 years. It’s not a dead fandom yet, but one that has a terminal illness.

Mostly, it’s due to the fact that it isn’t available for streaming on normal platforms people actually use, and due to the nature of the special effects (which you can read about here), there are challenges in converting it to High Definition (a non-negotiable part of rebroadcasting something or streaming it in today’s world), so as a consequence, an entire generation went by that’s never heard of it. Most fandoms don’t recover from a lost generation. Hell, Babylon 5 isn’t even available on Blu-Ray, which is a low bar to clear (I don’t actually know anyone in real life who owns a dedicated blu-ray player that isn’t a playstation or something).

Combine that with the fact that, tragically and due to unfortunate happenstance, at least half of the Babylon 5 cast is no longer with us, you have a scenario where B5 can’t be legitimately continued, denying the fandom the oxygen of a revival or continuation.

Heck, Babylon 5 is already starting to fade from consciousness, which is amazing for something that was, at one point, like the second or third biggest active scifi fandom. Ask yourself: do you have a co-worker with a Starfury model on their desk? If you were to quote it, would anyone catch the reference? When was the last time you saw a Babylon 5 shirt? That’s kind of amazing when it comes to a show that does the Lilo and Stitch thing of repeating a phrase a dozen times until you get it (”Ohana means family”).

Also, the most notable thing about Babylon 5 is that it was an arc show with one continuing story. That’s a problem because there’s nothing special about being an arc show now, with a single story through line; in the post-Sopranos TV era, every single show is like that now. Even procedural crime shows have arcs and season-long story through lines these days.

Also, B5 is out of step with modern aesthetics about what TV shows are like (and I am not referring to the special effects). If you think of
creativity as biological evolution, most modern genre shows are descendants of B5’s contemporary, Whedon’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer: centered around quippy dialogue, Scream-type genre self-awareness, reversals of expectations. Babylon 5 is out of step with that, old fashioned, a bit overwritten; characters like to monologue about Winston Churchill.

Again, I am not saying this is “bad” (I like B5 and it is what it is) but I can see how it can be offputting to someone looking at it with fresh eyes. TV fans are more oriented toward the new than movie fans are, so TV viewers are more likely to be pulled out by things like black and white, stylistic acting, and so on.

Hey, remember how at the time, Babylon 5 was seen as a daring new breakthrough that would make television history, on the level of Twin Peaks or something, and Star Trek: Deep Space 9 was seen as an awkward middle child cash in for an increasingly tired and oppressively omnipresent scifi franchise? It’s amazing how the consensus view on both shows is now totally reversed; B5 is now seen as a good show but very, very much of its time and not a television breakthrough, and DS9 is now seen as, if not the best Trek show, as maybe one of the high points of the entire Trek franchise? Rediscovery on streaming made the difference for DS9’s reputation, something B5 unfortunately didn’t get.