Seasonal Wetlands: Summer vs Spring

Seasonal Wetlands: Summer vs Spring by Kelson Vibber

It finally occurred to me to put together a side-by-side image of the one spot I managed to take photos of on both hikes!

On the right: May in Madrona Marsh, after winter and spring rains filled up the low-lying areas of the preserve.

On the left: Late August in the same spot, after summer had dried up the pools. Despite the drought, and helped along by a couple of freak summer storms, the ground is still holding onto enough moisture that the floor of the vernal pool is covered with low greenery instead of dry grass.

I know, it’s always better to put “before” on the left, and I tried it with that layout, but it ended up looking better this way.

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Green Reflection

Green Reflection by Kelson Vibber

I thought this shot of a vernal pool at Madrona Marsh would be a good fit for the “Catchy Colors: Emerald” theme. This is the same marsh I visited a couple of weeks ago, but back in spring, before most of the wetlands had dried out for the summer.

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