Looks like it’s already wildfire season again.

Looks like it’s already #wildfire season again. Maybe somewhere out near Silverado Canyon or Lake Elsinore? That smoke plume is roughtin the direction of Saddleback when it’s visible from here. #socal

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[A few days later:] Or maybe not. I haven’t found anything else, so maybe it was closer than it looked and/or put out quickly.

Old Town Irvine After the Storm

Old Town Irvine After the Storm on Flickr.

My entry for this week’s TwitterTuesday (Green). This is one my my favorite shots.

Via Flickr:
Well, technically, during a lull in the storm. The clouds were moving very fast, with light and shadow moving over the empty fields and office parks, and I waited several minutes for the sun to play over this scene.

I particularly liked the contrast of the dead brown tumbleweeds scattered around the bright green meadow.

My one regret with this photo is not being able to capture the steep drop-off into a wash right below the frame. I could get the wash, or the sky, but not both.