sirfrogsworth:Almost everyone who encountered Peter Mayhew claimed he was one of the kindest people …


Almost everyone who encountered Peter Mayhew claimed he was one of the kindest people you’d ever meet. In the same realm of Tom Hanks, Mr. Rogers, and Bob Ross.

Just a bit taller.

He loved being a part of Star Wars. He was famous for using his special custom lightsaber cane.

sirfrogsworth:Almost everyone who encountered Peter Mayhew claimed he was one of the kindest people ...

Despite being in a lot of pain, he went to as many conventions as possible to meet people. You could tell his love for Star Wars fans was genuine.

Mark Hammil wrote a touching tribute to him.

He was the gentlest of giants. A big man with an even bigger heart who never failed to make me smile & a loyal friend who I loved dearly. I’m grateful for the memories we shared & I’m a better man for just having known him. Thanks Pete.

sirfrogsworth:Almost everyone who encountered Peter Mayhew claimed he was one of the kindest people ...

sirfrogsworth:Almost everyone who encountered Peter Mayhew claimed he was one of the kindest people ...

Rest in Piece, Mr. Mayhew.

If you are in some sort of pleasant afterlife, I hope they finally gave you the medal you totally deserved.

sirfrogsworth:Almost everyone who encountered Peter Mayhew claimed he was one of the kindest people ...

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What is Yoda’s syntax in other languages?

What is Yoda’s syntax in other languages?

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gorogues:speedforceorg:The #RainbowRaider steals priceless art at #WonderCon2019 !#Cosplay #TheFlash #comics #rogues @wondercon #WonderCon …



The #RainbowRaider steals priceless art at #WonderCon2019 !

#Cosplay #TheFlash #comics #rogues @wondercon #WonderCon

Amazing costume and a great photo!!  The painting is the perfect added detail 😀

It’s hard to tell in this shot, but the painting’s the cover on a messenger bag (she hid the straps to pretend to be stealing the painting), so it’s not just a perfect detail, it’s useful too!

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UPDATE: Former police officer arrested after 3-hour standoff in Athens

UPDATE: Former police officer arrested after 3-hour standoff in Athens

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It’s almost as though cruelty and neglect can affect people’s mental health….




It’s almost as though cruelty and neglect can affect people’s mental health.  

Everyone gives Batman shit over the state of Arkham but no one ever talks about Iron Heights.

There was a bit of criticism for Iron Heights within the Flash book, such as when Ashley Zolomon called the prison “the Rogue Factory” (which she said was a widespread nickname) and accused Wolfe of having no compassion for its prisoners.  It seems quite likely that the mistreatment there has made some of the prisoners worse, with I think Roscoe as one of the prime examples.  And as awful as Arkham is, at least they make some attempt to treat their inmates; we’ve seen that Iron Heights leaves theirs barefoot in straitjackets and isolated in filthy cells.  So it’s no surprise that they end up even more mentally ill and anti-social, which is almost certainly what Ashley was alluding to.

Wally and Wolfe clashed on a number of occasions over the treatment of prisoners there, once Wally found out about it. But Wally had no authority there, he was just a vigilante super-hero, and Wolfe kept running things the way he wanted to. The one win I remember was that Wally was able to get Fallout an actual, comfortable room that absorbed his radiation instead of leaving him hooked up to tubes like he was before.

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How a neural net makes cookies


The other day I trained a neural net to generate the names of cookies, based on about 1,000 existing recipes. The resulting names (Quitterbread Bars, Hand Buttersacks, Low Fuzzy Feats, and more) were both delightfully weird and strangely plausible. People even invented delicious recipes for them. But given that I’ve trained neural networks to generate entire recipes before, why not have the neural network generate the entire thing, not just the title?

Well, this is why.

The first neural network I tried is textgenrnn, which I’ve used to generate things like new species of snakes, names for creepy shopping malls, and terrifying robotics teams. Given 1000 cookie recipes from David Shields’s site, textgenrnn could do a recognizable recipe – but its titles and directions were a bit suspect.

Now, granted, it’s confused about other things, too. A memory approximately 40 characters long means that it doesn’t know how many times it has already added sugar (apparently its favorite ingredient). (Other algorithms, like GPT-2, have ways to zoom out.)

I decided to see if textgenrnn would figure out recipe titles if it trained for longer. It generated the recipe above after it had seen the example recipes 3 times each. Below is what it did after another 3 looks at each dataset (6 in total). The title is… different. The recipe is more chaotic. It has at least moved on from its obsession with sugar.

After 3 more looks at the data (9 in total), things have gotten even worse, though according to the loss (the number it uses to track how closely it matches the training data), it thinks it’s doing better than ever. It seems to be freaking out in particular about the repeated + signs that some recipes use as decorative borders.

There are terms for these kinds of training disasters that sound more like warp engine malfunctions: “mode collapse” usually applies to image-generating algorithms, though, and “exploding gradients” usually is signaled by the neural net thinking it’s doing worse and worse, not better and better.

So I moved back to another algorithm I’ve used for a long time, char-rnn, which seems to do well at long texts like recipes.

The recipes are… better. I’ll give it that much.

Some of its ingredients are questionable, and its directions certainly are. But at least (despite a memory only 50 characters long) it has managed to do the beginning, middle, and end of a long recipe. It’s often fuzzy about how to end a recipe, since my rather messy dataset has recipes ending with sources, urls, and even ISBNs. Recipe notes are also highly variable and therefore confusing.

So what happened with textgenrnn? I mentioned my difficulties with textgenrnn to the algorithm’s creator, Max Woolf, and he urged me to try again. There’s some randomness to the training process. Sometimes textgenrnn degenerates into chaos during training, and even then sometimes it pulls itself together again. When it did well, its instructions even start to make sense. You could make the Butterstrange Bars below (almost). Given this amount of randomness, it’s nice when researchers report the aggregate results of several training runs.

Bonus recipe! Sign up here and you can get an Excellent (not excellent) recipe for “Mrs. Filled Cookies” along with (optionally) bonus material every time I post.

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A neural net designed some comics for you


It is quite fitting that the idea to train a neural net to generate comics names came from the creator of a webcomic about a hapless AI robot. Aaron Uglum collected 1,417 names of newspaper comics from Wikipedia, and I gave them to textgenrnn to see if it could figure out how to make more of them. Then, Aaron gave them these delightful illustrations.

Please enjoy these very strange comics.

Blue LAughs.
Cheat and Socky.
Ways of the Hole
The Every Wife Flying Brother World
Bully Nuts
Ridgy Clump
The World of Huge

I am actively mad that these superheroes don’t exist.

Amazing Pea
Incredible Bear
Cute Dog

Idea and illustrations by Aaron Uglum – go read his AI robot webcomic, LABS!

Comic: Bad Day. Why? The robot got ahold of some epoxy. Oh yeah, that would do it. Ever tried to pry your phone off the wall?

The bonus material for this post is basically an entire post’s worth of webcomics names – I had been all set to post a longer list when Aaron sent me this huge set of fantastic illustrations. Enter your email and I’ll send it to you (plus optional bonus material every time I post).

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madqueensarah: Me, trying to get rid of anything that doesn’t spark joy



Me, trying to get rid of anything that doesn’t spark joy: Ugh I’m such a dumbass I should throw myself away.

Marie materialising in my room: Yes, this negative attitude doesn’t bring you joy. You should thank it for getting you through your past traumas but you no longer need it or want it so it should go.


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Spoilers for upcoming comics in April!


Spoilers for upcoming comics in April!

This is part of DC’s official solicitations for that month, and you can see the full list of them here.

cover by DAN MORA
variant cover by MITCH GERADS
The Flash has arrived back in his home of Central City to discover something…off. The people are all acting strangely, including his friends and colleagues—but before Barry can figure out why, the entire Central City PD attacks! At last the great trick is revealed: the Trickster now rules supreme! With Iron Heights as his fun-house base of operations, Trickster plunges the entire city into madness—and the Flash is powerless to save them!
ON SALE 04.10.19
$3.99 US | 32 PAGES
This issue will ship with two covers.
Please see the order form for details.

cover by DAN MORA
variant cover by MITCH GERADS
Riot in Central City! Trickster has pulled out all the stops in his assault on Flash’s hometown, and the Scarlet Speedster is powerless to crack Trickster’s code! Our hero is faced with an impossible choice: save the people of Central City—or let the villain who caused it all escape to wreak havoc another day!
ON SALE 04.24.19
$3.99 US | 32 PAGES
This issue will ship with two covers.
Please see the order form for details.

In these tales, the mayor of Keystone asks the Flash to relocate himself away from Keystone City—but trouble still manages to find the Fastest Man Alive in his new home of Santa Marta. First, the Flash saves a presidential candidate from the Top, a member of the Rogues. Then, Mr. Frost strikes—and his illusions threaten to destroy both the Flash and his new home. And when word spreads that the Flash has moved to a new city, several of his greatest foes show up to cause trouble, including the earthquake-causing Major Disaster! Collects THE FLASH #119-129, THE FLASH/GREEN LANTERN: FASTER FRIENDS #1-2, THE FLASH PLUS NIGHTWING #1 and a story from DC UNIVERSE HOLIDAY BASH #1.
ON SALE 05.29.19 | $29.99 US | 416 PAGES
FC | ISBN: 978-1-4012-9380-2

Batman, Superman and Aquaman suspect that Amanda Waller had a hand in the death of Ray Palmer, but when they seek to question the Squad, they find resistance from the Jihad and Hayoth. Can the world’s most dangerous criminals take on a trio of the most powerful Justice League members? We’ll give you one guess! Collects SUICIDE SQUAD #59-66.
ON SALE 05.15.19
$19.99 US | 192 PAGES
FC | ISBN: 978-1-4012-8953-9

written by TOM KING
variant cover by RYAN SOOK
You’ve seen all the clues. You’ve heard the testimony and eavesdropped on the secret confessions of the World’s Greatest Super Heroes. Now, with the killer revealed, it’s time to find out why. What could have driven a hero to the brink, to turn a savior into a murderer? Rifts will form between old allies, and the trinity of Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman will have their leadership challenged and will question their own judgment. Sanctuary has become something they never imagined…and it’s still potentially carrying on without them!
ON SALE 04.24.19
$3.99 US | 8 of 9 | 32 PAGES
This issue will ship with two covers.
Please see the order form for details.

Some yammering and potentially spoilery speculation about Heroes In Crisis behind a cut because it’s only somewhat on topic for the blog.

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I haven’t been able to bring myself to open an issue of The Flash since I saw the list of casualties in Heroes In Crisis #1. I’ve been buying them. I’ve picked the next one up a couple of times to read it. But I just haven’t been able to do it.

I’m getting close to the why-are-you-buying-it-if-you-aren’t-reading-it point.

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Cleaning up

So, with Facebook continuing to be a pain, Google+ shutting down, Twitter continuing to be a dumpster fire, and Tumblr clumsily kicking off a huge section of their userbase so that Verizon can better monetize them (making me wonder how long they’ll try before they decide it’s not worth it), I figured it was time to reconsider my social network presence.

Mainly I’m on my main blog at K-Squared Ramblings and on Mastodon at these days (Plus Flickr and Instagram.)

As far as Tumblr goes, I’m in wait-and-see mode. I’ve never been super-active here, and I’ll often go a few weeks without reading or posting, but I also have automatic cross-posting set up with Flickr, Instagram, and my blog. A lot of my posts here are duplicates.

I’ve saved a full archive of my Tumblrs, and I’m going to be going through over the next week or few cleaning out the duplicates, except for posts that got traction over here (like M’Hael’s, for instance). Hopefully it’ll result in a more focused blog going forward, with mostly Tumblr-original material (both my own stuff and reblogs), and it’ll be easier to pick out what needs to be saved in the event that Tumblr does go the way of GeoCities and Google+ (or even just the way of LiveJournal, which it’s halfway to already).

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do you think the dc universe has a news site like the onion









do you think the dc universe has a news site like the onion that’s just like…

“meddling parents still alive, preventing bruce wayne from adopting yet anther orphan”

“new study shows that 87% of all americans class superman as american citizen despite being born on a different planet, but only 49% avoided eye contact when asked about why martian manhunter doesn’t count”

“area woman thanking her lucky stars that batman and superman fell out on the same day she was due to go to boss’ niece’s bat mitzvah”

“arkham guard astonished by trip to iron heights, only now learning what locks are for”

“area man pretty sure he should be making more than $60k a year if his boss has 10 billion dollars to waste on robotic exosuit”

“breaking news: lex luthor sues superman for loss of earnings, claims that continually losing fights to him is negatively affecting his work ethic”

“Hub City mayor declares state of unemergency after two hours without a violent crime”

“grown man who dresses in halloween costume every night thinks clown his biggest problem”

“disappointed child realizes Booster Gold at birthday party the real one, not just a guy in a costume”

“drunk Aquaman rampages through ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ ride”

“new Teen Titan not attached to any Justice League member wonders why they’ve been issued a uniform with a red shirt”

“Earth totally not a tax haven, say Green Lantern Corps as they assign eighth lantern to same planet”

“’no one knows how to stop him’ says armed police officer as non-powered clown-themed supervillain begins 82nd massacre this year”

“bruce wayne’s children accused of domestic violence after bruce wayne shows up to work with a cast on his arm and leg”

“superman added to fbi’s most wanted list after crashing into a very important dam”

“superman caught entering bruce wayne’s penthouse half an hour after batman reportedly left- a forbidden romance or one night stands?”

“Nation shocked and worried as President Luthor goes twenty four hours without ranting about the Danger Posed by Aliens on Twitter”

“Metal detectors continue to impede Robot Man’s ability to prevent plane hijackings”

“Wonder Woman claims “Constant kinkshaming from the hostages” the reason she allowed supervillain to banish bus full of people into a limbo dimension”

“Fifth historian this month reduced to tears attempting to make sense of repeatedly rebooted planets past” 

“Healthy baby boy born to parents with Ridiculously Evil Sounding Last Name almost certainly going to grow up to become a supervillain”

“Rampage prevents rampage in Metropolis, Riot continues to act as his name implies he would to be less confusing” 

“Will Magnus insists creation of beautiful large breasted robot girl programmed to be in love with him ‘Totally not a sex thing’ to disbelieving crowd at his TED Talk”

“Justice League International now forced to work out of trailer home, considering rebranding as Justice League Jersey”

“Local man thinks Themyscira is discriminating against him and his plans to open a Hooters there”

“Sideways to press: “Stop saying I’m Spider-man”“

“Doom Patrol to consider rebranding after realizing they don’t patrol doom that often”

“Elasti-girl sues Disney for copyright infringement”

“Pizza delivery man struggling to deliver to Watchtower”

“Local man getting real sick and tired of his car getting thrown at supervillains”

“Another physicist cracks while struggling to explain Flash’s powers”

““I don’t kill” says local bat enthusiast who apparently does not know what repeated blunt force trauma to their skulls is actually doing to the muggers and supervillains he beats senseless”

“Shockwave forced to halt crime spree after legal injunction from Hasbro demanding he cease all acitvities under that name”

“Atheists “Deeply annoyed” by Ares the God of War’s continued insistence that he does, in fact, exist”

“Birthday clown unemployment crisis  in Gotham continues to worsen”

“Roscoe Dillon invited to lead Central City Pride Parade following confusion over what kind of Top he is”

“J’onn Jones causes frustration at local karaoke bar once again by repeatedly saying “Yes” during singers attempt to perform “Life on Mars” by David Bowie”

“Do ghosts exist? Jim Craddock, The Spectre and the Haunted Tank weigh in on this divisive topic”

“Orphaned child somehow goes another year without swearing to spend rest of his life warring on all criminals, experts remain baffled how this possible”

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Archive your fandom stuff





As we sit on the cusp of changes to the Internet, after your other activities to support Internet freedom, archive your
fandom stuff.

Save the electronic files of your favorite online fandom works. Consider print-outs of your favorite online
material. And save paper
ephemera from fandom events.

Why save? Because you put the effort into a fanwork. Because you may be surprised when a fandom stays alive for years, or gets revived, or when an academic asks to cite your work. Because it’s stupidly hard to find items on Tumblr. Because, lo, in ages past, many fandom archives have risen and fallen, taking favorite fics off the ‘Net. Because it made you happy, makes you remember. Because you never know.

What can
you save?

  • Fanart
  • Stories you wrote
  • Epic comments on stories you wrote
  • Stories you love that other people wrote
  • Meta and meta-related discussions
  • Translations others did of your works

  • Physical items: paper ephemera, clothing, accessories, art prints and drawings.

Behind the cut…saving from Tumblr and AO3, delving into lost web sites, how to save computer files for the long term, and why I’m glad I saved physical fandom items from 10+ years ago.

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I made this post a year and a half ago. Please read the many comments in the reblogs from archivists and long-term fans!

Signal boost.

Time for this post again!

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Fandom platform of the future – specs and features

Fandom platform of the future – specs and features

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