re: Friendica groups compatibility with Mastodon

I’d guess the mangling has more to do with Mastodon not trying to render the “Article” type yet than it being from a group. Mastodon has the same problem with reviews from Bookwyrm and blog posts from WriteFreely.

I mean, at least it shows the title and link, which is better than the “this type isn’t supported yet” from Takahe, but with the size of its user base, Mastodon *really* needs to get on just treating an Article the same way it treats a long Note!

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re: Congressional TikTok hearings

Rep. Weber just accused tiktok of pushing chinese propaganda and “woke” propaganda in the same sentence — thedextriarchy

I think their mind would be blown if they knew what Chinese state ideology thinks of the things they call “woke.”

Not exactly big on minority rights, racial equality, acceptance of non-traditional gender roles, or awareness of and wanting to dismantle state abuses of power in enforcing conformality.


What I’m currently using for Fediverse experimentation. **Live accounts:** * Mastodon: (main) * Pix…

What I’m currently using for Fediverse experimentation.

Live accounts:

Test accounts:

Nice thing about using an existing server: I don’t have to maintain it!

Nice thing about using my own server: I can debug better and test changes!


Hot take: If we’re serious about encouraging more small and single-user instances to join …

Hot take: If we're serious about encouraging more small and single-user instances to join the Fediverse, we really need to work on improving the setup and upgrade experiences.


Managed hosting is great for this, but it re-centralizes the infrastructure, and it's going to be hard to find the less well-known platforms, so that re-centralizes the tech stack.

Pre-configured images at hosting companies are also great! But again, you're mostly going to find the bigger projects, and you still have to upgrade it.


In other news, #DreamHost migrated my main VPS with no hiccups as near as I can tell. I had to manually launch Agate for my #…

In other news, #DreamHost migrated my main VPS with no hiccups as near as I can tell. I had to manually launch Agate for my #gemini capsule, but I suspect that’s only because they brought up the new system before moving the users over to it.

Here’s hoping it’s more stable than the Nginx one. I think I may just not have allocated enough RAM to the Nginx box, since the new plans don’t let me choose in-between sizes like 1.2 GB, 1.7GB etc. like the old plans did. The VPSes both ran rock solid for years, but DreamHost’s nginx support has always seemed like an afterthought.

I’m probably going to drop the Nginx VPS at some point. I just need to decide what to do with the last remaining site on it: Consolidate on the Apache VPS (possibly with more RAM), or set up a dedicated Nanode and manage it myself (and find out what resources it actually needs on a lighter-weight system)


Re: Formatting in Mastodon

Judging by some of the replies I’m seeing, some clarifications matter:

1. This is incoming formatting only, not composing (for now).

2. It’s not really markdown-specific, that’s just the way it was being tested.

3. Only a limited selection of rich test is being enabled. It’s not going to support colors, layout changes, fonts, size changes etc.

(IMO the ones they chose will improve readability.)

4. A number of other Fediverse platforms already support these!


Funny to think:
Newsgroups and early mailing lists were all plaintext, so people came up with conventions like using asterisks and underscores.

Web forums were able to display rich text, and they used markup to implement it.

Early social media like LiveJournal and such supported rich text via raw HTML

Twitter was designed to fit in an SMS message, so it was plain text.

And everyone went back to using asterisks and underscores. Plus abusing Unicode lookalike chars.